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I love gardening. Living in Alberta, Canada, we have a short summer. So when the warm weather finally get's here, I want my yard looking good.


I get things looking 'just so'...but it doesn't always stay like that. I have a few shrubs in my yard that just seem to attract aphids. I can always tell by the shrivelled, curled leaves on the plant.


Soft-bodied insects like aphids, slugs and mites are generally manageable...with the operative word being MANAGEABLE. They must be kept at bay. If not, they will kill the plant.


I've come to learn how to keep the aphids at bay in my yard. And that is to spray these pesky little bugs a few times during the growing season with a simple solution of non-toxic liquid soap, canola oil and water.


I ONLY want to focus on the pesky bug that's a threat to my plant...I don't want to wipe out all insects. And this recipe does just that. And, of course, it's non-toxic and CHEAP. No need to spend money on the store bought kind whenever I see an infestation, I just quickly mix up a batch of my own insecticidal spray and wipe out those pests.


On this week's video, I'll show you how I make my insecticidal soap so that you can use in your yard to keep your plants happy and healthy. Happy Gardening!


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